Do you know that you can use your samsung galaxy s5 for a month without charging it? Even with one bar left you can actually use it for one full day. Do you want to know how? This doesn't even involve any twerking or special skills to make it work. How to achieve this is very simple.

How to use Samsung Galaxy s5 for a month without charging Samsun10

Take the following steps:-

Go to settings - Power Saving - Switch on Ultra power saving mode.

That is all you need to do. But the disadvantages here is that you will be limited to the number of apps you will use while on Ultra Power Saving Mode. You won't play music or watch your downloaded videos. But you can watch youtube videos from the web browser or any other video on web. You can use whatsapp as well but it won't make the battery last that long. All notifications will not function during this time. Enjoy!