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  Become a NairaBET agent without a shop

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 Become a NairaBET agent without a shop Empty
PostSubject: Become a NairaBET agent without a shop    Become a NairaBET agent without a shop Empty2016-11-30, 14:29

Have you ever tried to become a sports betting agent but you don't have the capital and maybe the time and energy to run it?

If you answered yes, this is the most important website you will ever visit.

Becoming a sports betting agent is capital intensive.

Most people cannot afford the money it costs to set it up. E.g.

You know you’d have to rent a good shop (in a good area for maximum profits)

Then you’d need a computer (or more than one computer to maximize profits too), a regular printer,and a thermal printer.

You will be needing a minimum of one TV set to display virtual games.

Of course you need a generator to give you power, except you live in an area that has power for 24 hours like inside Aso Rock.

After all these, you’ll still need to pay for your choice sports betting company’s license fees.

I’ve not included the cost of branding and advertising your business: banners, signposts, flyers, etc.

And of course, there are still other overhead costs, like hiring a staff, security and so on.

And don't let me talk about local government officials that will definitely come to frustrate your business and life.

I won’t bother writing out the total estimated cost for all these, but I’m sure you get the gist – having in mind the current hike in the price of almost everything.

This high cost of entry has indeed made the business of sports betting agency exclusive to only a teeny-tiny fraction of the population.

Does this type of highly lucrative business opportunity really have to forever remain exclusive to a privileged few?

I want to believe you said NO… because that’s how I feel too.
But There is GOOD NEWS.
Everything is About to Change!
NairaBET Has Finally Made it Possible for You to Start Your Business as a NairaBET ONLINE Agent.

As you can imagine, all you’ll need to get started in this new business opportunity is an internet-enabled device.

Could even be just your mobile phone.

Of course if you want to use a computer and printer by all means you can go ahead but you can get started with a smart phone.
So How Does this NEW NairaBet Online Agent Concept Work?

It’s a very simple concept.

Unlike the normal NairaBET (and most sports betting companies) agency model where you will play for people in your shop for commissions, your job here will simply be to fund the online accounts of NairaBet customers around you.

It’s as easy as buying bulk NairaBET credit directly from the company, and funding the accounts of other NairaBET customers.

It's like being a bulk reseller of GSM cards for the telecommunications companies.
You Will Be Earning 5% Commission On Every Amount You Sell!

Get that right:

Whether the person wins or loses doesn’t affect this commission; you’ll earn 5% of every amount you help people put into their NairaBet accounts.

This is easy money especially when you consider there are so many NairaBET customers out there looking for people who will help them fund their accounts.

BUT 5% is not the end of your earnings.

It gets better…

We have created an avenue where you can earn as much as 55% on every kobo everytime you help NairaBET customers fund their accounts.

This secret will be revealed to those that sign up to join.

Business doesn’t get any better than this.

With the existing popularity, massive customer-base, and reputation of NairaBET, the pioneer sports betting company in Nigeria, you’ll surely and automatically get a lot of customers. It’s guaranteed success in this business.

To further boost your earnings again, you can print out NairaBet credit in form of smaller vouchers and distribute to your friends and relatives – or assistant – to sell for you.

For this, however, you’ll need a computer and printer.

Your dreams can truly come through faster than you expect, depending on the action you take now. Your earning potentials are massive.
How Do You Become a Nairabet Online Agent?

It’s simple too; You only have to register to become a licensed NairaBet Online Agent.

How much do you think the license to become a NairaBET Online Agent is worth?

We can easily charge as much as N100,000 for this because of the fact that you don't have to incur the costs shop agents incur.

But we will not charge N100,000.

The aim is to get as many people as possible on board and if we price it at N100,000, how do we get young people and even students to participate?

That means we will reduce the license fees.

We debated about this and came up with a fee of N50,000 but we quickly dismissed the idea again.
We then came up with a final license fee on N25,000 Only
Yes you read that correctly.

With just N25,000.00 you can become a NairaBET Online Agent and you can start earning money instantly.

If you secure your license immediately, we will give you a FREE funding of N10,000 into your agent account.

Did you get that?

After you get the license, you will NOT be required to spend additional money to fund your agent account because we will credit you N10,000 for FREE.

You can start with that immediately. Isn't that fantastic?

Obviously, this crazy bonus cannot be for everybody. It is for those that act fast.

You can Sign Up instantly to become an online agent with your ATM card.

Just click on the green button below and you will be redirected to Paystack's page to make your seamless payment.

Fill in your full name, email address and phone number and continue to provide your card details.

Your ATM card details are securely protected by Paystack highly secured connection.

Once your payment goes through, you will be contacted by someone from Nairabet to provide you with more details about the next steps to take.
Pay Directly to Our Bank Account

To sign up with this option, simply walk into any UBA bank to deposit N25,000 into our bank account below - Or you can simply do an online transfer.

The bank account details are:

Account Name: NairaBet International
Account Number: 1019896192

IMPORTANT: After making payments, send an email to with your payment details.

The subject of the email should be PAYMENT FOR ONLINE AGENT
The Details to Send Via Email Are:

Your full name

Your valid phone number

Your valid email address

Bank Teller number for bank payment (If you paid via online means, then provide the account name and the bank from which the funds was transferred.)

Once your payment Email is received and your payment is confirmed, you will be contacted by someone from Nairabet to provide you with more details about the next steps to take.

That's it.

Let's wrap this up.

I'm sure you agree with me this is indeed a “godsent” opportunity in these harsh economic times. Only few business opportunities can offer you all these benefits of being a NairaBET online agent:

Earn as much as 55% on EVERY account you fund…

Start with very little capital… (In fact, I prefer to call it “almost no capital”, because you’d also agree the fee is nothing compared to other sports betting agents that have been spending over 300k to start.)

Attract customers automatically, as you simply leverage on the millions of customers NairaBET already has…

You can do this business with just your phone, anywhere you are – even if you’re a student…

You can further boost your earnings by printing your Nairabet credit as vouchers (just like recharge cards) and get more people to sell for you…

You get N10,000 NairaBET credit you can start selling immediately.

Overall, you enjoy the pride of becoming a successful entrepreneur during recession – while others are running down…

You really can’t imagine how many bets are placed daily on the NairaBET platform. This is literally an invitation to come and be a part of what is already huge and profitable.

Opportunities like this don’t come often, and you want to ensure you don’t miss out on this one, even if you already have a job you’re doing or a business you’re running.

Cheers to your success,

Otunba Akin Alabi,
CEO, NairaBet

PS: This is a rare but guaranteed chance to also cash-in on the booming and highly-lucrative sports betting industry, as a NairaBet Online Agent, earning as much as 5% (plus an additional 50% which we will show you how) on every account you fund – with almost no capital

PPS: As you already know, you don’t need money to set up a shop. In fact, unless you want to double or even triple your earnings, you don’t need a computer or printer; you only need at least an internet-enabled phone.

Now that you’re ready to get started before the rush and before the bonus is taken away and the license fee shoots up. Don't waste time. Sign up today.

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Become a NairaBET agent without a shop
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